The Causes of the World Financial Crisis

Since there are industrial mode of production and the market economy, the core of the world economy are spatially move, but has always been subject to economic and financial...

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How to Get Free Charts Binary Options?

If you use some of the binary options strategy, or you are just a beginner looking for the best platform, one thing will come out in an obvious way, and that is the lack of...

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Binary Options Basics

Binary Options (also known as Digital Options) be issued forecasts how certain underlying’s might develop. To this end, equities, commodities or a specific index are eligible,...

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Power Maps and binary options Calculator for effective Questions and achievements

In order to gain any path to success in binary options dealing platform, it is necessary for an investor to get help from binary options calculator and charts. The retailer has...

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Learn How To Trade Binary Options

Type of option where the payoff is all or nothing is what they call binary options. Because of its one-of-a-kind feature, binary options is very easy to trade and understand...

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The Causes of the World Financial Crisis

Posted by on Jan 31, 2016 in Finance

The Causes of the World Financial Crisis

Since there are industrial mode of production and the market economy, the core of the world economy are spatially move, but has always been subject to economic and financial crises. Recessions and crises as phases of business cycles in the real sector mainly explain the course of time accumulated imbalances in the relationships of the main macroeconomic aggregates, but does not explain why to these imbalances did come. Financial crisis, more frequent and stronger in the XX and XI century have something more precise explanation, but the question is why the financial crisis does not draw lessons for economic policy. A key explanation for the crisis in the real and financial sectors is that they neoclassical economic theory did not recognize, but when they were painfully obvious, her reply was that they were inevitable and even useful. In the neoclassical theory of imbalance in macroeconomics proportions alleged were not possible because the rational behavior of economic agents and the perfect functioning of commodity and factor markets any such imbalance automatically removed.


The neoclassical theory anticipates the formation of equilibrium prices on commodity markets and prices of factors of production in the respective markets. If the conditions of perfect competition, is guaranteed by the general equilibrium of the economy that does not require the intervention of economic policy.

The conditions of perfect competition in the commodity markets are homogeneous products, a huge number of buyers and sellers who cannot (individually) affect prices, information is perfect (everyone knows all the information on wanted and offered products), all have equal opportunities predictions so that no You can gain a competitive advantage on the basis of above-average good anticipation of the future. The entry of new companies in a particular branch is free and requires low costs. Nobody confers competitive advantage based on technology or proximity to markets as they are in the neoclassical model technology and spatial distance exogenous factors. Not only that products are homogeneous and divisible but also production costs or yields, since a constant in this model there is no internal nor external economies of scale. Decisions are made in conditions of certainty, that the risk of which can be provided.


On the money and capital market there is an equal awareness of all stakeholders and there is no moral hazard. On the labor market there is perfect competition, no one can request and receive a higher salary than the equilibrium in the market (otherwise remains idle), labor is homogeneous and perfectly mobile.

Binary Robot is a software designed for the purpose of trafficking. It receives signals and facilitates trading. Experienced traders do not need to constantly monitor the market because it facilitates robot. All money transactions can be monitored with graphs, of course. It can be helpful to economists in times of this kind of crisis.


Since conditions for perfect competition necessary for the functioning of the neoclassical model of the economy no longer exist, it is inevitable to admit that in the conditions of imperfect competition, monopolies and economies of scale, the structure of international trade can no longer observe the national level state. Businesses have monopoly power, their positions in the market, it shall decide on the structure of its production (supply), using economies of scale and internalize externalities

The products are differentiated and heterogeneous, competition is oligopoly, information is asymmetric, there are internal and external economies of scale, the entry of new firms in a branch is difficult and expensive decisions are made under conditions of uncertainty, against which you cannot buy insurance. Neoclassical model does not work in conditions where transnational companies dominate when labor markets are highly specialized.

According to the structuralize-evolutionary understanding of the economy driven by precisely those characteristics that are undesirable sources of market imperfections in the neoclassical model. Oligopolies are the main carriers of innovation. Innovation creates asymmetric information that are the source of monopoly position and monopoly rents. Extra profit motivate the decision-making under uncertainty.

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How to Get Free Charts Binary Options?

Posted by on Jan 31, 2016 in Finance, Trading

How to Get Free Charts Binary Options?

If you use some of the binary options strategy, or you are just a beginner looking for the best platform, one thing will come out in an obvious way, and that is the lack of informative and interactive graphs. The maps are considered as the basis of technical analysis of the market binary options trading. Without scale, there will be the analysis of investment trading opportunities, but also the lack of analysis leads to a point where the investor will be significantly gambling.

It is very important for investors to understand where to get these tools to trade binary analysis, as this will give the investor the details of current trade decisions once trading assets in binary options trading. You can get the design tool for a reliable binary options broker to help you assess the trade and market profitably. Online tickets are web-based charts affordable with special binary options brokers. Generally this scale does not provide flexibility with respect to interactivity, as well as tools that can be used with them.


Some binary options brokers offer free access to design tools, like 24Option. Most of the time, this may be obtained free of charge, but it is necessary to pay for a plug-in to work, and some design tools come in a full package to be allowed 100 percent. You can download these tools to draw out the binary options broker websites easily and quickly. This will help you to have an accurate assessment of the movement of the stock market.

Special sources to get a free binary options Charts

Maps are the best predictors of asset movements. The investor can determine whether the cost of the investment is up or down, if it is at the forefront makes use of the chart pattern, it can be used to store low / high trade as well as up and down the store. The merchant can determine whether the investment will move to one side in the consolidation that can be used to play and out of the store. If you want to get a free binary options chart, free stock scheme. Com is the best place. This is a great free website design tool that allows investors to see stocks as well as currency easily from any computer. It has a good amount of features and reliable for binary options trading. Just go to their website and transfer it. Of course, it is free of charge.


There is lots of websites were you can download the chart program that offers high-resolution maps binary options on 30 different currency pairs in combination with Trading View. These cards also have a web based version.


Investors can use a number of time frames ranging from one minute to one month. Developed MCFX, multi-charting tools as a binary options trading platform is tough package that has exceptional characteristics ODM trading scheme that zero down on precisely the costs that an investor wants to carry out their binary trade. Highlight and use these data to inform the investors in relation to trade, when the delay in time between the implementation of signal generation and trade.

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Binary Options Basics

Posted by on Jan 30, 2016 in Finance, Trading

Binary Options Basics

Binary Options (also known as Digital Options) be issued forecasts how certain underlying’s might develop. To this end, equities, commodities or a specific index are eligible, their performance over a predefined time is speculated. It is not the underlying assets are, as always with options purchased. The Binary option takes rather their price developments with a fraction of the financial commitment, but with a large lever.

Binary Options Advantages

digital-options-development-bigWhile the risk of Traders remain limited to its use, which may be very small, waving exorbitant profits between 70 to almost 90 percent, in some cases the weekend trade of more than 500 percent. In case of loss forfeit the Binary Option, some brokers pay around 15 percent of the insert back and pour in return somewhat lower profits, ie at the lower limit of the normal range of 70 to 90 percent. One should deal with strategies extensively. Here beginners questions will be answered, including the basics of money management belong.

This ratio between profit and loss is not the only advantage of Binary options, they are to act beyond fast and very simple. Mobile Trading works from your smartphone best binary options, and experienced with this trade instrument an enormous upswing. A further advantage is the very simple scenarios that can be realized with binary or digital options. The name binary or Digital is derived from the two options that are available in principle:

1) Either meets the expected event (and the trader wins)

2) The event does not arrive.

That there was in classical Warrant area for some time, since 2008 Binary options are now also available to private investors, the Broker with uncomplicated desktops points (usually without downloading a software), toll-free trade and apps for mobile devices. The main commercial species at a glance.

Binary Options Trading

digital-options-platforms-bigThe options are called classic Warrant range FRO for Fixed Return Options, because a fixed amount flows back to the investor. They therefore differ fundamentally from other derivatives, which depend on income or loss from a predetermined stop loss of Traders. Furthermore, the term Binary options are specified from the outset on a relatively short period, the rarely exceed one month. Some of the options are traded in the 60-second range, also trading over 24 hours is widespread and goes with many of the binary options very good. Thus Binary options also differ with respect to the maturity of other derivatives that generally run much longer. A third, linked with the maturity aspect results from the price stability Binary Options. Classical Warrants generally subject to a time value decay, also its price of other market factors such as volatility depends. One cannot be traded basically, which in turn opens up a lot more opportunities to trade. Because with classical derivatives, also the relative (not absolute!) Price stability CFDs and knock-outs, every trader moves to a stop loss, trading is otherwise not definitely possible.

digital-options-stock-trends-largeOn this instrument can be dispensed with binary options, since it only comes to the arrival of the event until the end of the term. But it can be speculated with little use to many more values, which is impossible for a private trader with classical derivatives, unless he is absolutely full-time. Risk management requires for the Stop Losses in classic derivatives constant observation of the markets. Here is an introduction to binary options trading. As important, we consider the education, if it is Binary Options is scam or rip-off or not.

The administration Binary options is thus very efficiently and is proven to be possible also by mobile devices such as iPhone or Android smartphones. How to proceed in selecting the right provider, we explain here. More Topbroker’s:

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